Sometimes user wants to store printer settings for HTML5 client permanently, as example change default Letter to A4 format.
Before continue upgrade your TSplus installation to latest version where this feature is supported else you will fail!

Additionally consider, all mentioned tasks handle HTML5 started sessions and won't have any effect on native RDP client sessions!

Please notice next important point, Universal Printer without (redirected ***) string in printer name is not HTML5 client simulated printer but server side printer common for all sessions even when the pdf print files created by Universal Printer are redirected to HTML5 client too this FAQ won't have any effect on that Universal Printer. The printers in HTML5 session that have additionally to printer name on the end (redirected ***) string as on example below are real HTML5 simulated printers, and only their settings can be affected by this FAQ.

1. start new HTML5 session with Administrator rights so that you get access to
Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Devices and Printers
IMPORTANT: changing printer settings from other places like printing able applications such as Notepad/WordPad etc. is not possible!
If you see no one device in the location above but the printers are visible from applications then re-enable Device Setup Manager in services.msc

2. change settings to wished one and wait 30-60 seconds. Windows system usually sends printer settings blob data approximatelly 30-60 seconds after last printer settings change. Such blob data gets saved on server permanently!
When ever such change is made and after elapsed 30-60 seconds the HTML5 client informs you about this event by writing following string to browser's console > Printer blob for: Universal Printer, so you can go sure that such change was really accepted by server.

PS: remember, that will save settings only for your unique browser session. On another system or browser you will need to redo the settings. If you delete cookies or run browser in cookieless mode, you will fail to store such setting permanently. Simulated printers always have (redirected ***) in their printer name.

How to make default settings for all users on HTML5 client
If you want that saved settings in HTML5 client are stored for all HTML5 users and these settings are reused by all your users for HTML5 client then do next: (In adminprintermode handled below - cookies are not required since users are not distinguished there)

A. being in HTML5 admin session log off all active users except your self on the server and additionally on you server delete all files inside folder

B. locate and execute in your admin HTML5 session *your_TSplus_folder*\UserDesktop\files\adminprintermode.exe
    In next step C.>1. don't start new HTML5 session but stay in already used HTML5 session logged in as administrator!

C. now redo the steps - 1. and 2. - on the top of this FAQ

D. finally exit the HTML5 session approximatelly 1 minute after last printer settings change. From now on each new user that opens new HTML5 session will get served the printer blob data common for all HTML5 users.
If you decide to stop or change admin printer mode, always delete all files inside *\Clients\webserver\printer\

IMPORTANT: admin printer-settings-session can be marked only once, if you logoff your session and relogin again then following sessions can't be marked as printer-settings-session anymore, in such case you will have to restart HTML5 server in AdminTool GUI to reset the state.