ServerGenius version 3.3 comes with structural changes regarding the update process of monitored computers. These changes requires to update ServerGenius monitored computers manually.

Configuration steps

  • First, make sure to update ServerGenius with the latest version available. The latest setup is available here:
  • Then, from the monitored computer, download the latest Setup-Agent.exe setup file from your ServerGenius web portal.
  • Run the program Setup-Agent.exe by clicking twice on it. The License Agreement page appears.

  • Select I accept the agreement after reviewing it and click Next. The Ready to Install page appears.

  • Click Install to update the server monitored by ServerGenius. Please wait for a short period of time while the installation progresses.

  • Click Finish to close the setup wizard.
  • Finally, check that your updated server is actively monitored by ServerGenius by looking at the ServerGenius dashboard. The monitored server should appear green after a few minutes.

Thank you for using ServerGenius. Please do not hesitate to reach us if you face any issue while following these instructions. Happy monitoring!